What will a successful Go-To-Market team look like in 2023?

Posted by Dan Gorrod - 13/12/2022

Attention SaaS company owners: 2023 is the year you need to pinpoint your precise go-to-market strategy, and develop a best-in-class GTM team.


Because if you don’t, you’ll fall behind the competition. It’s that simple.

Despite factors such as the pandemic, Brexit, inflation and the cost of living crisis, the number of SaaS companies continues to rise globally - giving company owners both the opportunity to scale their businesses, and also the chance to be defeated by the competition.

Without a clearly defined business growth strategy, and the talent in-house to help you achieve your business objectives, it is very easy for SaaS companies to fall behind and their growth to hit a wall.

So, what exactly will a successful GTM team look like in 2023? To get ahead of the curve, make a note of the following points.



In order to get your salespeople on board with scaling the business and how important their contribution as salespeople is, you need to clearly define what your product is, and why it has been developed in the first place. 

Regardless of whether they are new to sales, have extensive sales experience, or they’re moving into management and training new members of your GTM team, it’s vital that all employees understand what it is that makes your software different, and better than your competitors’. Without this information, they’ll struggle to close deals.

So, your first port of call when mapping out what a successful GTM team looks like in 2023 is: a team that understands and promotes your USP.

Your employees need to understand your key target audiences

Along with your USP, does your current GTM team understand who it is that you are trying to reach with the software you’re selling?

Having a full understanding of who your software is for, how it can solve their pain points and why they need it in comparison to other software on the market is all equally important. Having key target audiences in place (speak to your marketing employees about how best to communicate these to the business) will ensure that your marketing messaging, sales conversations and account management is always centred around the same values.

When you know specifically who your target audiences are, you can then determine where you will sell your software, which markets you want to pursue, and what the current demand and competition looks like in those markets. When you have these factors in place, you can then devise a strategy on how to reach your target customers and generate ongoing demand for your product.

So, your second port of call when mapping out what a successful GTM team looks like in 2023 is: a team that can identify and communicate with your key target audiences.



Every SaaS company is different, but in terms of who should (generally speaking) be on your go-to-market team, Strive Sales recommends the following:

New logo hunters - regardless of how much experience they have, your salespeople are one of the most crucial elements to any SaaS business. Without them, your product will only go so far

Digital marketers - having marketing employees in-house will not only keep sales and marketing teams aligned, but it’ll help when developing your content strategy and campaigns. Your marketing employees will be the ones nurturing your audiences and generating leads

Product managers - championing the users’ experience and providing your software engineers with regular feedback will ensure your product is continuously improving based on UX

Account management and customer success - without employees to manage customers’ expectations and provide top-level service, your business will struggle to stay afloat. Customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition and satisfaction



Here at Strive, we source top tier sales talent for scaling and hypergrowth tech companies. To learn more about how we can help your business scale, contact our team on 0203 983 0770 or email hello@scalewithstrive.com.

Dan Gorrod

Dan Gorrod

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