Top Tips for transitioning to a BD Role

Posted by Naomi Walsh - 19/06/2023

After two years as a Delivery consultant, four months ago I moved to solely focus on Business Development. It’s been a substantial change to my role, and as we know, BD in the current climate is tough!

Last month, my post went viral on LinkedIn, where I shared some of my top tips – the below are my ten key takeaways, based on my learnings over the last few months:

1: Research is critical

·        It is essential to do your research.

·        This information will help you craft a personalised email, and you MUST personalise the f**k out of your emails to get recognition in this tough market!

·        You must stand out from the crowd, and you almost have to become a low-key stalker!

2. Networking is key 

·        This is an essential part of BD.

·        If you can, attend industry events, connect with professionals in your industry, comment on their posts and use your current network for referrals. You will see the benefits - warm leads are easier to convert.

3. Nobody wants to talk to you

·        You will be hung up on, ignored and told that the company is not interested in your service.

·        Remember that rejection is part of the job.

4. Timing 

·        Timing is EVERYTHING.

·        You need to be aware of the right time and I would always suggest being proactive and reaching out before a problem arises, otherwise someone will get there before you.

5. Patience pays off

·        BD requires patience.

·        You must work hard; work long hours and you must be persistent in your follow up and communication.

·        Don’t become lazy. This role isn’t for everyone but if you are willing to put the work in, then you will see results.

6. Stay Organised

·        In a BD role, you need to juggle multiple tasks.

·        I would suggest tackling this with a sprint-based approach. Break down your day, set a realistic timeframe for each sprint (task) and most importantly STICK TO IT.

·        I write my day plan out every evening, for the next day so it’s ready as soon as I come in and I know what I am focusing on.

7. Personal Development

·        There is only so much your manager can teach you.

·        Ask yourself, “Am I doing everything I can to personally develop myself?” If the answer is “no” – DO MORE.

·        For example, listen to sales podcasts, read a sales book, find a mentor, conduct your own research.

·        You will gain a competitive edge and increase your value in your organisation.

8. Work life balance

·        Sitting at our desks for 10+ hours a day, with our eyes glued to the screens can take a toll on our physical and mental health.

·        I believe you must do some form of exercise per day. If you struggle after work, go in the morning instead! Go to the gym, do a class, or go on a walk.

·        Being active has really helped me stay focused.

9. Track your Data

·        Track your data and do A/B testing to understand what works.

·        Stick to your weekly KPI’s - you will see more success if you do this.

10. Have Fun!

·        It’s tough but you must enjoy the Journey... Money will follow!


Ultimately, transitioning from a candidate heavy recruiter role to a BD role during a recession is tough. However, it can also be extremely rewarding if you develop the right mindset and skills!

I recently attended a live session with Hishem Azzouz, Founder of Recruitment Mentors, to discuss this very topic – reach out to The Recruitment Mentors for more information, and my inbox is always open to anyone looking for advice – you can connect with me here. 


If you are looking for a new position, remember that our current roles can be found on our Careers page and you can register with us, using our Contact form.

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