Learn how I billed £1m, in one year

Posted by Max Cullen - 23/06/2023

In October 2019, I made the decision to enter the world of recruitment and chose Strive as the business to join.

Starting as a recruitment rookie, just under 6 months before the world went into lockdown, I’ve seen a lot and have developed a phenomenal amount in that period.

Since joining, I have also been fortunate enough to receive a number of promotions: from Headhunter to Team Leader; to Account Manager and to my current role as Sales Manager.

And.... I was the first Strive employee to bill £1 Million in a financial year.

Want some tips as to how I achieved this? Read below 


Have repeatable and scalable processes in place

·        This is critical to scale your desk.

·        Your number one priority should be to maximise the productivity of your business unit.


Time Management

·        AKA my biggest challenge!

·        Some tips I have picked up which have assisted me, include:

o   Weekly and daily planning

o   ‘Ivy Lee Method’ (allocating dedicated slots to accomplish the six most important tasks of the day, in priority order)

o   Working in sprints, religiously

o   AND, most importantly, working F* hard.


Land and Expand

·        66% of my revenue came from existing customers

·        I’ll say that again - 66% of my revenue came from existing customers! Once you have won business, to be successful, it is key to not only retain that account but expand it also.

·        I spend a huge part of my time expanding relationships and understanding how and where I can add value to my clients, in any way possible, always trying to go the extra mile.


Build trust (and champions)

·        Knowing when to push the process is just as important as knowing when to pull.

·        If your client believes that your objectives are aligned and you have their best interest in mind, you’ll have more control of the overall process.


Know your market (and stay on top)

·        Not every candidate is a buyer regardless of how good your opportunity is.

·        Qualifying a large portion of the market allows you to understand exactly what could fit who and when.

·        Keep notes. Set reminders. Stay on top.


Quality over quantity

·        Take the time to nail the brief and understand exactly what your client wants from a cultural and professional perspective.

·        This ensures alignment and means that when you introduce candidates you’re always on the money.

·        It saves them time and ensures they are always interviewing the right candidates, saving you time also as a recruiter, allowing you to focus on the right opportunities.


Work with Urgency

·        In short:

o   Don’t sit on tasks.

o   Don’t sit on candidates.

o   Don’t sit on feedback.


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