Fourteen questions to ask a potential employer

Posted by Reece Mills - 18/09/2023


There are plenty of things to have on your checklist now when it comes to finding a new job.  

From the role and responsibilities to the salary and benefits, there are various factors to consider when looking for a new role - particularly when you may have more than one offer on the table. 

We have previously covered Four Tips for doing Due Diligence on a Potential Employer, but today we wanted to delve more into questions to ask during an interview process. 

Our suggestions are below:  


 Company Funding: 

 1. Will the company need to raise additional capital? If so, when? 


Product and Pipeline Generation: 

2. What pain does the product solve?  

3. How do you define your ICP? 

4. How do you define your Total Addressable Market? How big is it? What features are on the roadmap to expand this?  

5. How many deals have been closed so far?

6. What percentage of pipeline is expected to be self-sourced and what percentage comes from SDRs / Marketing  

7. What kind of technology is in place to support you? What kind of resource is in place to support you in terms of data and operations? 

8. What are the most used 'closed-lost' reasons in the CRM?  


Quota Hitting / Compensation: 

 9. What did the top performer in this (or the most similar) role earn last year? 

 10. What percentage of Reps in this role, attained their quota last Quarter? Last financial year? 

 11. What initiatives are in place to support Reps in obtaining their quota? 

 12. How much has the compensation plan changed year on year 



13. Why is this role / territory open? If the role is available due to a prior employee departing, why are they no longer in the role? Am I able to speak to them? 

14. Who will I be reporting to? How long have they been with the company? How much involvement will they have in selling? Am I able to speak to them (assuming it's not the interviewer)?  


Remember: An interview is always a two-way process. 

You should use an interview process to ensure that the company is the right fit for you - as well as the employer deciding you are a right fit for them.  

You should therefore never shy away from asking questions – and it in fact can show the interviewer that you have a natural curiosity and great business acumen (which are key traits for GTM A Players).  


If you are looking for a new position, remember that our current roles can be found on our Careers page and you can register with us, using our Contact form – and if you’re currently interviewing for a new role in a SaaS Sales, be sure to save these questions! 



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