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Focus is our fully retained search service offering and it means we work exclusively for you – uncovering great talent to supercharge your success and deliver guaranteed outcomes.

Expect to pay an initial retainer as well as shortlisting and success fees.

If you’re struggling with hard-to-fill roles, or looking to make a strategic hire, this is the solution you need.
  • Guaranteed outcome – 100% success rate
  • Exclusive resource, dedicated to the search
  • Full market mapping and salary benchmarking service
  • Great for filling strategic and hard to fill roles
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Case Studies that use our focus solutions

Find out how we helped LinearB build their Founding GTM Team and Second Line Management Teams, using our Focus Solution

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Find out how we helped SheerID hire their first person on the ground in EMEA, using our Focus Solution

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Find out how we helped CluedIn build their Founding EMEA GTM Technical Sales Team, following a referral from their VC.

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Find out how we helped Showpad build their GTM Teams across EMEA, using our Focus Solution

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"The partnership with Strive came at a crucial time. I was behind in my hiring plan and struggling with multiple recruiters who couldn’t bring me talented sales professionals with the right technical sales experience required to sell our solution to engineering departments.

I had a clear picture of what I needed for the team, but it seemed other recruiters were more focused on getting me to compromise on my expectations rather than finding me suitable candidates. Immediately after starting with Strive, I conversed with the exact candidates I was asking for. I’ve consistently been impressed with the thorough notes and details I receive on each and every candidate and how they show up to the first call enthusiastic about LinearB and excited to speak with me.

After 1 year, I’m on track with my hiring plan with a high-performing team in place. This would not have been possible if I didn’t start working with Strive when I did."

Mike Avery,
VP of Sales


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You're an extraordinary company. So, why choose an ordinary hiring partner?
We know that the SaaS world moves at lightning speed and that you need a hiring partner who can keep up the pace. That's exactly what we do, offering flexible services – exclusively designed for VC-backed SaaS tech companies. If you’re looking for a hiring partner who ‘gets’ who you are and what you’re about, choose Strive.
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