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Adam Richardson

Presented by
Adam Richardson - 18/03/2024

1hr 15min

'The Art of Selling a Premium Product' with Usman Gulfaraz

Episode 4

Welcome to the Scale with Strive podcast,  the place where you come to listen to some of the world’s most influential leaders of the SaaS industry. 🚀

I am your host, Adam Richardson and on today’s podcast, I’m excited to speak with Usman Gulfaraz!

With a strong pedigree background in the Tech Sales Space, Usman has worked for companies such as OracleShape SecurityTessian and is now currently the CRO at Speechmatics, a Series B funded 'Speech to Text' AI Platform.

Some of my key takeaways from our conversation were:

💡 The challenges and sacrifices of being a top performing Sales Rep. 

💡 Selling a Premium Product – the Process, Marketing and Product Development required.

💡 And of course, Usman's philosophy around hiring great Sales Reps.

Let’s Dive in!


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11:47   Keys to Success in Sales

19:57  Navigating Sales Challenges With Oracle

31:22  Positioning as a Premium Solution

41:07  Thought Leadership and Market Segmentation

50:08  Sales Process and Execution Strategies

58:13  Sales Pipeline and Product Development Strategies

1:14:37  Building Success Through Forward-Thinking