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Adam Richardson

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Adam Richardson - 26/10/2023

1hr 04mins

'Emotional Intelligence' with Alex Pierrin-Neron

Episode 4

Welcome to the Scale with Strive Podcast, the place where you come to listen to some of the world's most influential leaders of the SaaS industry. 🚀

I am your host, Adam Richardson  and on today’s episode, we are joined by Alexandre Pierrin-Neron, who is the RVP of South EMEA for Lacework.  

With an impressive 30-year career, as you can imagine, we packed a lot in today’s podcast! 

With experience working for companies such as Cybereason, Splunk and Leapwork, he has supported some of the world's leading vendors scale towards success - and has hired, developed and led some of the best Sales Reps in the software industry. 

He has also helped in raising significant funding - 62 million Euros in the case of Leapwork!

In today’s episode, at Alex’s request, we focus on Emotional Intelligence and the importance of certain traits when hiring for your GTM SaaS team. 

Some key things I think you will take from the episode today are: 

💡 Turning underperforming reps into star players.

💡 The different types of Emotional Intelligence and how they present themselves in Sales Reps and Leaders. 

💡 Alex’s thoughts around the importance of ‘Learn, Earn and have Fun'.


I personally really enjoyed recording this episode and sharing ideas with Alex – we hope you take a lot from it! 

Let's Dive In!


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