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Adam Richardson

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Adam Richardson - 27/02/2024

1hr 01mins

'Mastering RevOps for Business Growth' with Jeremey Donovan

Episode 1

Welcome to the Scale with Strive podcast, the place where you come to listen to some of the world’s most influential leaders of the SaaS industry. 🚀

I am your host, Adam Richardson, and on today’s episode I am excited to welcome you to Season 2!

We kick off this Season with a man who will need no introduction – if I say the words “Hey Salespeople!”, you’ll know, of course, that I am referring to the industry Thought Leader, Jeremey Donovan.

Jeremey is Executive Vice President Revenue Operations and Strategy at Insight Partners.

He is also an Author, Thought Leader, the man behind the SellingSherpa and has over 25 years industry experience, having worked for the likes of Gartner, SalesLoft and CB Insights.


Some of my key takeaways from the conversation today were:

💡Breaking down RevOps – What is it? How does it help your business? Why is it important?

💡How to know if you are ready to make your first RevOps hire.

💡What skillsets to look for when making that hire.


Let’s Dive In!


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