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Adam Richardson

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Adam Richardson - 22/11/2023

'Lessons from a CRO' with Yotam Yemini

Episode 10

Welcome to the Scale with Strive Podcast, the place where you come to listen to some of the world’s most influential leaders of the SaaS industry. 🚀

I am your host, Adam Richardson and today I’m really pleased to welcome Yotam Yemini, who shares his 15+ years’ experience of sales experience with us. 

Part of four different start-ups - and Advisor and  Angel Investor to more – Yotam has contributed to $100 million in revenue and $4 billion in valuation! 

Some of my key takeaways from today were: 

💡 What he believes makes a great sales-person 

💡 His philosophy around hiring

💡 His tips for turning around periods of under-performance within a team 


Lets dive in! 


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