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Dylan Hoyle

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Dylan Hoyle - 04/03/2024

'Lessons from a CISO' with Tammy Moskites

Episode 2

Welcome to the Scale with Strive podcast, the place where you come to listen to some of the world's most influential leaders of the SaaS industry 🚀

Your host today are Sales Manager, Dylan Hoyle, and Strive's Founder, Adam Richardson.

Today, we're very pleased to welcome Tammy Moskites from CyAlliance.

Tammy is an ex-CISO for the likes of Venafi - and now runs a Consultancy advising Early-Stage Cyber Security startups.

Today's conversation was a little bit different than our typical, with some of my key takeaways being:

💡 What is keeping a CISO up at night - and how their priority initiatives have changed.

💡 What parameters a Founder can look at to determine Product Market Fit - and how Founders can successfully drive growth at the top of the sales funnel for the company.

💡 How we can tailor our message towards CISOs in today's market.


Let’s Dive In!



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