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Adam Richardson

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Adam Richardson - 13/11/2023

'How to secure VC Funding' with Jannis Fett

Episode 6

Welcome to the Scale with Strive podcast - the place where you come to listen to some of the worlds most influential leaders of the SaaS industry. 🚀

I am your host, Adam Richardson and on today’s podcast, I’m excited to speak with Jannis Fett, Investment Manager at HV Capital.  

For those who don’t know, HV Capital is one of the oldest VC companies in Europe – with one of the biggest funds also. They are best known for investing in the likes of StoryBlok, Hadrian, and Sennder - to name but a few. 

Using Jannis’ 5 years' experience in the investment world, I pick his brains on: 

💡 The changes he has seen in the current market re funding.

💡 What sectors are still booming and attracting funding. 

💡 How you can scale through the key funding milestones. 

💡 How to best write a business plan and pitch for funding. 


If you are a Founder looking to better understand the investment world, this is a great listen for actionable advice and tips! 

Let's Dive In!


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