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Adam Richardson

Presented by
Adam Richardson - 15/11/2023

1hr 09mins

'Creating a Data Driven Sales Function' with Chris Finan

Episode 7

Welcome to the Scale with Strive Podcast, the place where you come to listen to some of the world's most influential leaders of the SaaS industry. 🚀

I am your host, Adam Richardson and on today’s podcast, I’m really pleased to introduce President and Advisor, Chris Finan.

Unlike most, Chris actually started his career as a Pilot and Intelligence Officer in the US Air Force! He has now spent over 10 years in the Cyber Security Industry, with two acquisitions under his belt - and he has also been involved in companies such as Shape Security and ActZero.

Today we focused our conversation around Chris’ philosophies on building a data driven sales process with some of my key takeaways being:

💡 How his career in the Air Force set him up for a successful SaaS career.

💡 The cultural transformation required to move to a data driven sales approach.

💡 How to adapt your approach in times of economic uncertainty.


Let’s Dive In!


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