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Some recruiters try to do it all.
That’s not our style.

We’re obsessed with building industry-changing, go-to-market teams, and we do it better than anyone else.


Go build the future. We've got your back.

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Why settle for ordinary?

At Strive, we don’t do ordinary service or ordinary results. Our go-to-market focus, access to game-changing candidates, and obsession with extraordinary growth sets us apart. But it’s our values and people that make us.

These are the values we live by:

It's about our people

Our people are our greatest asset. We big each other up and celebrate authenticity. Above all, we value each other and treat each other with respect.

Relentless accountability

We are passionate about delivering the best results for our clients, our colleagues and ourselves. We will do everything we can to deliver on our promises and hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability.

Better, every day

We are obsessed with being the best we can be and recognized this is an ongoing journey. We focus on personal and professional development every day.

Everything we do builds trust

Results are never at the expense of our integrity. Doing right by our team, clients and candidates is always front and centre.

Meet our Founders

Meet Adam and Harrison, the founders who shape Strive’s culture, vision and mission to become the number one GTM Talent Partner on the planet.

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"Nearly anyone who has been hiring people with the help of a recruitment firm will have faced the same dilemma: will they put as much or more effort into finding the right candidates for the role I have open as they put into getting me as a client?

This is where the team at Strive truly stand out. Yes, they work hard to earn your business which is great. But they work even harder to get you the right candidates, not just once as a lucky shot but consistently. And it’s not down to a single individual in the Strive team, it’s the culture Adam and Harrison built in their team which makes their approach and handling of candidates and customers alike so effective, professional and pleasant.

Since we started our engagement with Strive, it has been easy on me to cut off calls from other recruiters (sorry guys), the partnership we have with Strive is too valuable to us and brings us the results that we are looking for. We always ask our candidates for their opinion on the interaction with the recruiter and all of them give Strive an unconditional thumbs-up which is an important metric for employer reputation I believe."

Wim Van Campen,
VP of Sales, EMEA


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