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Thank you for your interest in joining the GTM Talent Community!


We are a global community of GTM Recruiters from the world’s fastest-growing companies. Together, we teach new skills, forge meaningful connections, and help our companies grow.

We operate via a Slack channel, as well as a LinkedIn page - and hold a Forum every month. 


The Purpose of our Forums:

  • Networking

  • Sharing Ideas & Best Practices

  • Sharing Market Intelligence


Our Founders:

Eve Hudak  is a  Senior Recruiter specialising in building powerhouse GTM teams. With a knack for relationship building, she's turned recruitment into an art of personal connections. Known for orchestrating white-glove candidate experiences, she blend professionalism with approachability, making her a go-to advisor. Currently working for both Hebbia AI and Stabiity AI, Eve has an impressive resume, having worked for companies such as Monte Carlo and Confluent.

Sam Crook started his recruitment career as an agency recruiter before moving inhouse. A GTM Recruiting Manger, he has experience of working within leading companies such as Confluent and Starburst. Utlising his sporting background, Sam brings a 'player-coach' approach to his roles, focusing on allowing sales organisations to reach and exceed production capacity. 

Adam Richardson is Co-Founder and MD of Strive, a specialist GTM Recruitment agency, supporting some of the most disruptive, VC-backed SaaS companies, globally. Working in recruitment since 2010, Adam brings together deep tech recruitment and sales expertise, with experience growing companies from start-up through to multi-million-pound turnover. 


If you are interested in joining our Community, please complete the Registration Form below and a member of the Community Team will reach out to you asap!